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The Musical Innertube

Don Rooney and John Timpane talk to people you'd talk to -- if you had a microphone!

Oct 31, 2023

Here's a Halloween treat from the Musical Innertube Players - the story of a hideous man-pig monster eating its way through the pantries of London!

Oct 24, 2023

Singer/songwriter Olivia Farabaugh talks in depth about how CIRS has affected her life. Elizabeth Cripe tells how mold sickened her family. Together they've organized a festival to provide awareness and raise funds for CIRS sufferers. 

Oct 17, 2023

Take a break from all your worries and listen to this fun conversation about cartoons and other forms of animation with Jerry Beck, historian and cartoon lover, who tells us about his all-time favorite cartoon!

Oct 10, 2023

Julius Henry Marx was born on October 2, 1890, in Manhattan. In honor of Groucho's birthday, please join us for a talk with the man who gives us Evenings with Groucho, Frank Ferrante (who was born much later).

Oct 3, 2023

There are a lot of laughs in this podcast, because Gina Barreca knows humor.  But there is a lot of truth as well, because Gina's edited a book of essays about how women fall, real and imagined.