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The Musical Innertube

Don Rooney and John Timpane talk to people you'd talk to -- if you had a microphone!

Apr 26, 2022

June 22nd? Nope, Earth Day is EVERY day!  Can we reverse climate change? Weather Channel meteorologist Carl Parker has some answers and ideas in this Innertube from last August.  You can read the IPCC Climate report at  For solutions, there‚Äôs this:

Apr 19, 2022

We at the Musical Innertube love radio, and so does Mike Hingson, who takes us back to the time not that long ago when radio flourished as an entertainment medium. (When they were on the air, Don and John flushed radio as an entertainment medium.)

Apr 12, 2022

He's been Pseudolus, Max Prince, and the one, the only, Groucho! Frank Ferrante talks with Don and onetime Philadelphia Inquirer theater critic John about his life in the theater and his evening as Groucho, captured on film and playing on PBS this month. Check it out at

Apr 5, 2022

Tired of springing forward and falling back? So is the U.S. Senate, apparently. But is permanent DST the best option? And why do we get so frazzled by time changes? Sleep expert Dr. Seema Khosla provides the answers for sleepyheads Don and John.