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The Musical Innertube

Don Rooney and John Timpane talk to people you'd talk to -- if you had a microphone!

Nov 26, 2020

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we gathered some of the Musical Innertube family around the table (virtually, of course!) to spin old family legends about how the Musical Innertube came to be, lo these many years ago.  (And, like in the Marvel movies, stick around after the credits for a musical surprise!)

Nov 19, 2020

It's been hard for adults to wrap their heads around the 2020 election, let alone small children. Don and John talk with educator Dr. Abby Mahone, who gives advice on how to talk with toddlers about the election and politics in general. (And our hosts give a shining example of how to take turns.)

Nov 12, 2020

So you want to start a podcast? Well, lend an ear to this Innertube, as Don and John talk with Amanda Mayo, who's made a career out of helping people start podcasts. Listen for some great tips (but keep in mind that Don and John were asking questions for purely selfish, Innertube-advancing reasons).