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The Musical Innertube

Don Rooney and John Timpane talk to people you'd talk to -- if you had a microphone!

Apr 16, 2024

Chef and author Joy Stocke speaks to us from her kitchen in New Jersey, telling stories about learning to cook at her grandmother's side, and how to use her favorite pantry items.

Apr 9, 2024

He's a filmmaker.  And he's a film fan.  Listen as Justin Timpane gives his take on how studios can make good films on decent budgets.

Apr 2, 2024

Baseball 2024 is underway! Scott Lauber of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Nick Roman of KPCC Radio preview the season and make their predictions on winners, losers, and how gambling will affect the game.

Mar 26, 2024

Back in 1177 BC, civilization in the eastern Mediterranean collapsed. After a few decades, civilization in the area rose again. Eric Cline has books about both events - and one of them is a graphic novel!

Mar 19, 2024

Most of us are defined by our jobs: "and what do you do?" And it seems employers have always had the upper hand. Philosopher and economist Elizabeth Anderson says workers deserve better.